Frequently Asked Questions!

How do I sign up for a class?

  • Log in to the system for free, the remainder of the Menu Items will activate;
  • Choose a course to attend from the [ Available Courses ] menu item;
  • Enroll and pay for the Course.
  • Proceed unit by unit until the Final Exam; If you need to pause; log off. You can use the dashboard to see where you left off next time PLEASE complete each unit before moving on;
  • The videos will give you a confirmation number at random times so that you can restart and skip those sections you have already watched. Write them DOWN;
  • Pass the Final Exam;
  • Print your instant certificate!
  • The instructor will send your name to the Illinois Liquor Control Commission and enroll you in the State Data Base.

Why is the class so long?

The State of Illinois requires that the course must be 4 hours long in order to serve alcohol in a drinking establishment or 3 hours if over the counter only. This course covers both types of servers. & sellers.

My English is not that good, what can I do?

Try taking on of our in person classes! If you speak English but cannot understand all the written work, that's ok. Some of our Russian students used translation devices on their iPhone and some others brought a translator to the class with them. Also remember the instructor can breakdown any questions right on the spot for you.

How can I make the video's larger, control sound etc.

Hover the mouse cursor over the video to see the controls as follows:


What if I cannot pass the test after 30 days.

Call or email your instructor! In general he/she will review your work, extend you more time, or allow you to complete the final exam in person for an additional processing fee during a regularly scheduled class in Oak Park, Illinois. Remember it is our goal to PASS students not fail them.

I don't have a printer, I have a iPhone, iPad or other type of device or I need to print at a later date.

You will be emailed a link to the certificate. Additionally the State of Illinois will send you a BASSET wallet card in the US mail in about two weeks (15 days) after the class. The card can be reprinted on the state of Illinois website with your name, birth-date and student ID number found on the letter for up to 3 years.

Who can take BASSET and how old do I need to be.

In general anyone in Illinois who is over 18 years old can be licensed by BASSET to serve (carry) alcohol in Illinois provided they do not make a direct sale (take money/ring up) or pour liquor (bartender). Anyone over 21+ years old may do all three.

All door people who check IDs must also be certified by BASSET.

Note: Check with local laws and City, Village and County ordinances. some have stricter laws and rules above and beyond the general laws of Illinois on ages and activities allowed.