Is the Prevention Partnership, Inc. and Oak Park BASSET a State of Illinois Official BASSET Provider?

Yes, we are a licensed Provider for the State of Illinois and funded by he Illinois Department of Transportation. In person training is valid for 3 years anywhere in Illinois.

When do I get my Certificate for Work or My Records?

You receive your certificate on the same day of the class if you have registered 24 hours in advance. The State of Illinois will mail you a letter within two weeks and will add you to the State Website where you can print a new one up to three years if you change jobs, move, etc.

What if I fail the Class?

No one has ever failed our class in 8 years. Our Instructors will stay with students who do not pass the class and will perform tutoring. Students may also return to retake the test after study at a later date for no charge up to 30 days.

I do not have a credit or debit card. Can I pay at the door?

Beginning October-1-2018, all classes are FREE at our regular training meetings. No card is needed but registration is required.