Your Instructor Team

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Eric Roy Edwards, Instructor

Daryl C Edwards,
Director and Instructor

Beverly Walker - Donlely, Assistant Instructor



(Please review your email an/or this page daily for updates or changes)

Step 1 - Review all the videos below before class. (Highly Recommended)

Take notes if necessary depending on your learning style. You can also print the presentations below if you have a printer.

Step 2 - Download the pretest from the links below and review.

Step 3 - Complete the pretest. If you have adobe acrobat you can fill it in, save it, and email it to test-center. Should you fail the final the Instructor may give you some extra credit.

If can not do adobe, you will have to print a word version to practice. Scan and send it in (This is on online course) you are expected to have the necessary tech. An in-person class is available as well.

Step 4 - Attend the appointed video conference at your Start time on

You may download Zoom for free there! Please do so a day or two before class so you can install and learn to use it, if you are not familiar!

Our Meeting ID code will be emailed no later than 1/2 hour before the class begins for security purposes. SO BE ONLINE EARLY! Class is limited to 1st - 100 participants.

We will email event bright students only who are registered. No walks in are allowed unless approved by instructors.

Step 5 - The instructor will give you a pass code for the final exam. You will have 2 hours to study and complete the Exam. Those who have done your home work should have no problem. Those who have not, I wish you best of luck, the computer will grade you and it is final after 2hrs.

So, do some homework BEFORE the class and send in the pretest early if possible. 95% of the students who do this pass in the B-A+ range. The others do poorly or fail.

If you choose not and you fail, the Director must speak to you to process your application! However you may take the exam multiple times at his discretion.

Daryl Edwards
Director/Senior Instructor
(708) 356-3961

1. Introductory Presentation

2. Main Presentation - Senior Instructor

Video link

3. Supplemental - Drinking and Driving